Elizabeth Welch

actor, singer, lover of life

Elizabeth Welch loves to sing.

Elizabeth sang her first solo in children's choir when she was three years old, and never stopped singing. The most natural way for her to communicate and express her emotions was through music. It seemed quite natural to randomly burst into song like they did in the musicals.

She fell in love with musicals at a young age, thanks to Julie Andrews, The Music Man, and her record of Jesus Christ Superstar. She dove into classical music in college, which lead her to opera in Germany and Austria, as well as a scandalous love affair with W.A. Mozart. 

Upon returning to the states, she quickly rekindled her passion for musical theater. Lucky for her, she had already memorized every word of her favorite roles by the age of 12, so it was an easy transition from the world of opera. 

Now Elizabeth gets to sing her heart out every night, connected to an audience full of strangers by the joy and magic of music. It's a pretty great way to make a living.